Stories of Change
Amaphekalula 'easy cooking'

Amaphekalula "easy cooking"!

My name is Virginia and I work on Boondocks Nature Reserve. I cook using wood. It is time-consuming to collect wood and then prepare the food.

After seeing a demonstration on how the Wonderbag works, I asked Louise to please get one for me.

Worm farming and sustainable gardening

Worm farming and sustainable gardening in Galeshewe

Mohau Hlapane, Akhona Ntsenge and their fellow volunteers are assisting a school in Galeshewe, Kimberley, Northern Cape with their vegetable garden. These young men are unemployed and are using their personal experience of gardening to help a local school. 
They attended the WESSA/USAID Stepping Up to Sustainability “Biodiversity Workshop” at the Kimberley City Library to obtain more information on gardening sustainably. Here they received gardening tips, such as aerating their compost heaps to prevent bad odours and allowing gases to escape. During the workshop, they also obtained red wiggler worms to start their own worm farm to re-use their organic waste.

The road to energy efficiency

The road to energy efficiency

Santie O’Connell and her husband have been changing their lifestyles over the years, becoming more and more energy efficient. They live in Kimberley in the Northern Cape, which has very extreme temperatures of hot summers and cold winters. 

Sustainable Tourism in Namaqualand

Sustainable tourism in Namaqualand

Vera Engelbrecht runs a ‘Kookskerm’ in Leliefontein in the Namaqualand region of the Northern Cape Province. Here she treats tourists to traditional food and other customs, especially during the flowering season in this beautiful part of the country. 


Sustainable gardening

Prof Bob Hasty and Mrs Almary Steele live in Kimberley and have managed to change their garden into an ‘indigenous paradise’. They focus on having species which occur naturally within this region, however there are a few species they keep for specific reasons.

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